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Short List of Project Management Tips

Show sincere appreciation.

What rewards can you give team members in appreciation of a job well done?
Do not forget to show them your appreciation.

RMC Tip of The Day

Master listening.

Masterful communicators have learned that building a comfortable rapport is finding the divine balance between speaking and listening. Most people are too intent on speaking. They don’t realize that the only way to get a true reading on another person is to listen to what they have to say. It sounds obvious. But listening often involves learning how to be silent and waiting for the other person to express his viewpoint. Silence often opens the door to active, fruitful conversation. In time, you’ll learn to be an empathetic listener.
Four Tips for Improving People Skills

Come with solutions, not just problems.

We have all heard the maxim, “There are no such things as problems, only opportunities.” This is a good rule to abide by, especially when meeting with your boss. Be clear on what you want from your boss such as advice, support, actions, or acceptance. Don’t just say you have a problem and toss the monkey.
2011 PMO Tips of The Week

Realize that shifting priorities are a fact of organizational life.

Priorities change constantly in any organization. New challenges arise that require a response from the organization and that response requires that resources be moved from one activity to another. In most instances, those resources come from projects that are as a result of the shift in emphasis no longer as important as they were yesterday.
Project Management Tips

Don’t take the situation too personally.

There is a real danger in getting too emotionally “invested” in your projects. When this happens, anything that negatively impacts the project – whether you can do anything about it or not – takes on a sinister aspect. You must accept that there will always be things that will impact your projects over which you have little or no control. When these occur, you can only react as best you can with the good of the project as your primary aim.
Project Management Tips

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