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10 Tips to Ace a Skype Job Interview

1. Be prepared for your Skype job interview.

Prepare your Skype job interview as you would approach an in-person interview. Practice and rehearse interview questions ahead of time. Have a list of questions to ask interviewers.

2. Do a test run on Skype prior the job interview.

Check out the lighting and the background. Do a sound check. Practice to focus on the camera while you speak.

3. Dress as you’re going to a face-to-face interview.

Treat your Skype interview as a face-to-face interview. You want to look professional and sharp on Skype.

4. Make sure your background is clean and neat.

You want the interviewers to focus on you during the interview and not to be distracted by the untidy background. If possible, you may want to consider to have a warm background (e.g., a bookshelf instead a blank wall).

5. Check the lighting.

You want to make sure your face is well-lit.

6. Select a quiet setting.

Let your family and roommates know ahead of time that you cannot be interrupted during your interview. If you have pets, make sure they are not in the room.

7. Turn your cell phone off & turn off applications on your computer.

You want to turn off incoming e-mail and text messages.

8. Watch your camera, not your screen.

You want to establish the eye contact with interviewers. You want to focus on your camera when you talk. It may feel unnatural at first since the tendency is to focus on the screen. You can tape a picture of a friend above the camera to help you focus on the camera.

9. Smile.

10. Be prepared for technical problems.

In the beginning of the interview, agree on if the connection drops, who will call back.

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