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8 Surefire Ways to Work With Recruiters

1. The role of a recruiter is to fill a position his clients is hired him to fill.

A recruiter is paid by the clients and not by the candidates. His purpose is to find the qualified candidates to fill the open positions. It’s not the recruiter’s responsibility to find you a job. Take the responsibility to drive your job search.

2. Ask friends or colleagues for a list of recommended recruiters, whom they have worked with.

When contacting the recommended recruiters, be sure to mention they are highly recommended (e.g., My colleague, John Thompson, highly recommended you as a recruiter.) You’ll have an instant rapport with them. They will be more likely to help you out with your job search.

3. Seek a recruiter that specializes in your field.

When looking for a recruiter, try to find a recruiter who specializes in your technical field and geographical preference.

4. Work as many recruiters as you can possibly find reputable.

Every recruiter has a different client relationship. Every recruiter has a different job opening. You want to get yourself in front of as many prospective employers as you possibly can.

5. Be communicative.

Return a recruiter’s phone calls or e-mail quickly.

6. Be gently persistent with your recruiters.

Don’t be afraid to follow up. You can follow up via a phone call or an e-mail. Be sure to leave a voice mail if they are unavailable.

7. Build relationships with your recruiters.

When your recruiters are looking for people for jobs, you may not be interested or not the right candidate for these positions. Help them. Refer colleagues and friends to them.

8. Be clear with what you really want for your next job.

You don’t need to submit your resume to every position that a recruiter has presented you. Only you know what the just right job for you. You have a choice to say you’re not interested to get your resume submitted for a particular position.

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