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Questions To Ask Or Not To Ask During A Job Interview

Questions to ask

1. How did you come to work here?
2. What do you love most about working here?
3. Why is this position vacant?
4. If you can change one thing about the culture, what would it be?
5. If I were to start this position next week, what would my first day, first week, first month look like?
6. Can you describe the ideal candidate for this position?
7. What is this organization’s measurement for success?
8. Who has been most successful and why?
9. Who has been unsuccessful and why?
10. How can I do to make your job easier? What can I do to help you to reach your goal?
11. What’s your biggest challenge that you have right now right now that I will be able to help you if I were selected for this position?
12. What’s the biggest challenge the company will face this year?
13. Is there anything that you need to know about me to make the hiring decision?
14. What would make me a better fit for this job?
15. What are the next steps in the process?

Questions not to ask (especially during the first round of interview)

1. What’s the salary going to be?
2. When am I going to get paid?
3. When do I get time off?
4. When will I be able to take my first vacation day?
5. When can I start working from home?
6. What’s the telecommuting policy?
7. Any questions about you, hold those questions to the next round interview.
8. What are the hours here? Will I need to work a lot of overtime?
9. I’m looking to keep my stress level down. This isn’t a high-stress environment, is it?
Note: any questions about you, hold those questions to the next round of interview.

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