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5 Tips on Choosing a Technology Certificate Program

1. Go to to check out the top IT job trends.
You’ll get a good idea what skill sets are in demand in the technology field.

2. Go to to look up the total number of jobs for each top IT job trends in your geographic location.
For example, in the San Francisco area, over 350 jobs are posted for Mobil Application Developers for the last 7 days.

3. Research courses offered through your local university extension programs.
For example: UC Santa Cruz Silicon Valley Extension offers 11 programs and 10 certificates through their Engineering and Technology extension program.

Links to technology extension programs:

UC Santa Cruz Silicon Valley Extension: Engineering and Technology
UC Berkeley Extension: Computer Technology & Information Management
Stanford Continuing Studies: Personal & Professional Development

4. Talk to people who have gone through a certificate program.

5. Sign up a class today.
It’s okay you may not have all the answers under your finger tips. It’s crucial to quickly get through the “research” mode and start taking classes. Sign up a class today and start immersing yourself with the subject of the classes of your choice.

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