Take Responsibility for Your Job Search

Per Monster.com, 2012 IT jobs outlook, especially for software development, is looking very strong. For the field of mobile application development, some employers are willing to hire recent college grads and mobile application enthusiasts for mobile application developers since the field is rather new.
If you have been looking for work for a while; however, you haven’t landed a job yet. Decide now YOU WILL TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR YOUR JOB SEARCH. The act of deciding to take responsibility for your job search means you’ll proactively research job opportunities, follow up and follow through each potential job opportunity, prepare and study prior each job interview, follow up and follow through after each job interview, and bring each job interview to closure.
It also means you will no longer wait for head hunters to call you first after you submit your resume to potential job opportunities. You will follow up with head hunters within 1 business day after a resume has been submitted. You will no longer wait for a perfect job to come to you first. You’ll work with as many as recruiters (or networks) as needed to find a job that fit your employment criteria. You will no longer say to yourself: “Economy isn’t doing very well. That’s why I am not finding a job yet.” Instead of, you will tell yourself: “I am a qualified IT professional. There are companies out there waiting for my help. I must find a job as soon as possible so I can be of service to my potential employer.”

We wish you a happy 2012 and the best of luck in your job search!