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A New Trend in IT Hiring

Do you need a degree in Computer Science in order to land an IT job? The answer is no.
NPR reports ConAgra Foods Inc. has been hiring non-tech graduates for high tech jobs since 2008. ConAgra’s IT internship program is also designed for both IT and non IT majors. Debra Humphreys from the Association of American Colleges and Universities also cites Hewlett Packard and Siemens as companies open to hire candidates with liberal arts degrees for IT positions.
According to Gerrit Schutte, Chief Information Officer at ConAgra, they look for candidates who have more than a single dimension in terms of what candidates bring to the table. Technical talent is not enough.
Debra Humphreys said, “The big message for today’s college students is to remember that they’re preparing now for a lifetime of work, not just for that first job they’re going to get when they graduate.”
Based on our own IT consulting experience, people who do well in the IT field are folks who have solid technical skills and exceptionally communication skills (e.g., public speaking, writing skills, etc.) and who can translate business processes into computer logic to help the day-to-day business operation.

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