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The Importance of Tailoring Your Resume for Each Job

A big mistake that I see many job seekers make is not tailoring their resume to the job that they are applying for. They try to bombard their resume to multiple jobs even though each job can be quite different. The way you stand our from the crowd is to have a resume that is customized for each job.

In today’s computer age, resumes are usually scanned into a resume tracking system and the keywords from your resume are captured. These keywords from your resume will be matched against the buzzwords and job descriptions of the open position. If there are multiple matches, your resume moves to the top of the pack. When you neglect to include the keywords for your industry and position, your resume will be invisible to these resume databases.

Even if you resume is manually scanned by a person, he/she is trying to make a quick determination whether your resume has the skills and experience that they are looking for. You don’t want this person to work too hard to determine if your resume fits the job description. The more your resume matches the job description, the more likely they will consider you for an interview.

Updating your resume for each job does not mean you have to make major modifications. It just means you need to make some small adjustments so that it is customized for the job. This will usually take about an hour or less to do. If you have a multi-page resume, spend the most time on the first page. You want to grab the attention of the person reviewing your resume as quickly as possible.

As you read the job description, you will realized that there are things you have done in your previous jobs that are pertinent to the one you are currently applying for. So you need to highlight that on your resume. For example, if the job description mentions a software program that you have used before, be sure to include that in your resume. Try to identify the key phrases from the job description and find a way to incorporate those in your resume.

The goal is to tweak your resume so it contains keywords that correspond with the description in the job posting. The more keywords that you have on your resume the more likely it will be flagged by the computer system for further consideration.

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