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How to Get Hired Fast: 5 Tips You Need to Know

I have always been able to find jobs quickly even during a recession. I remember the time when I was laid off right after 9/11 in NYC. After 9/11, the NYC job market dried up. But I was able to land a job within 2 weeks. Today, I want to share with you some of the tips that I have learned on finding a job fast.

1. Tell yourself you will get a job

If you really want a job badly enough, you will get it. Some people looking for work are not really serious in pursuing this goal. That is why they take longer to find a job. But if you make up your mind that you will get a job no matter what, you will make it happen.

2. Make job searching as your top priority

You must discipline yourself to not be distracted by the dozens of other things you can do other than looking for a job. Job searching is not a fun thing to do for most people. That is why they procrastinate. If you want to get a job quickly, you have to set this as your highest priority.

3. Set goals

You should tell yourself that you will land a job by a certain date. It is also important to write this down and place it prominently near your computer where you can look at it everyday. This will motivate you into action. For example, if this is the beginning of the month, I will set a goal of getting a job offer by the end of the month. I will also set daily and weekly goals. Each day, I will commit to sending my resume or contacting a certain number of recruiters or companies. Each week, I want to get a certain number of interviews. The truth is that you cannot control when you will land a job. But you do have control over the activities that you do on a daily and weekly basis.

4. It is a numbers game

Job searching is a numbers game. Let me explain. If I send my resume to 10 recruiters each week that have the exact job I am looking for and follow up afterwards I should expect to get 2 or 3 of them to be interested in me. I can also expect to have at least one solid interview offer with the hiring manager. The key to job searching is to be consistent. You need to consistently prospect and follow up. I learned this technique from some of the best salespeople.

5. Be persistent and be flexible

Finding a job can be difficult and frustrating. That is why you need to not give up when you are not getting the results you want. Sometimes it just take a while to land a job. As long as you are hitting your daily and weekly targets, you will land a job. You also need to be flexible. Getting a job quickly might require you to take lesser pay or find a job in a different city. When you expand your job search to different locations your opportunities will multiply. You need to be creative and be open to other possibilities that you have not thought about. This is the real secret of getting a job quickly.

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