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6 Signs the Interview Went Well


How can you tell if an interview went well? As someone who have interviewed numerous candidates for different positions, I can give you some signs that you are going to get the job offer.

1. Lots of smiling, nodding and approving looks

I will signal with my body language that the interview is going well by doing any of the above things. I will also ask a lot of detailed questions about you that shows I am interested. Sometimes, I will take notes while you reply to my questions. I will be polite, listen carefully and the interview will be more conversational.

2. Provide more information about what you will do daily or project-related details

When I am interested in you, I usually take the interview to the next level by speaking in more detail about what I expect you to do when you are on the job. I will give you more details about the job duties, company culture, current and future projects.

3. I will try to sell you the job

I will do my best to persuade you to take the job. I will talk about the advantages of the position and the company. I will make it sound like you will be silly not to accept my offer.

4. Next steps

I will want to know when you can start assuming this is the final interview. If there are more interviews, I will let you know that we will be setting up a future time for you to come in to meet more people at the company. This is the clearest signal that I am interested in making you an offer when you see the interview moving forward.

5. Interview runs over the allotted time

When the interview goes over the allotted time, it is a very good sign. It means that I am very interested and have taken extra time out of my schedule to know more about you. If you were not a good candidate, I will try to wrap up the interview quickly.

6. Meet the team

When the interview is done, I will give you a tour of the office and have you meet with the team. I am doing this because I want the other people to later give me their first impressions of you.

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