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4 Things You Should Do to Land Your Next Job

In my 20 years of working in corporate America, I have never been unemployed for more than 2 weeks at a stretch. I have always been able to land my next job very quickly when I am between jobs. Today I want to share with you some of the best ways to get a job fast that I have learned over the years.

1. Be flexible

When you are out of work, you need to be flexible in terms of the jobs you are applying for. Sometimes, this means you need to  take a pay cut, work in a different city, or take a job that you are not so excited about. Remember, if this new job does not work out you can always look for another one. At least you are bringing in some income and you are successfully employed. Most recruiters and hiring managers look favorably at those job candidates who are looking for a new job while still working at their current company. They are considered more marketable than a person who is unemployed.

2. Be creative

Be creative in how you approach your job search. For example, if you have never used LinkedIn before, start exploring how this online tool can help you land your next job. You need to approach your job search from many different angles. The job market is a dynamic place and it requires you to be resourceful and creative. How you approached your job search 5 years ago might no longer be effective in today’s job market. I still remember when looking for a job means going through the Sunday classifies. Nowadays, very few people actually do that. Your next job will sometimes come from the most unlikely places. So you need to be open-minded and be open to all possibilities and options.

3. Network

I got my last 3 jobs through networking. What this requires is to develop a friendly relationship with a few key people that can help you when you need a job. I have cultivated these relationships through the years by periodically calling or emailing them to tell them what is happening with me. The key thing about networking is that you need to stay in touch with your network at least a few times a year. You should also see how you can help them too. Networking is a two-way street. People like to help those who they like.

4. Stay focused

It is so easy to start drifting into this lazy and unmotivated state of mind when you are out of work. Some people have the luxury of not having to look for their next job right away because they have lots of money saved up or a spouse who is working. In my case, I did not have either. So the minute I know my current job is about to end, I make it a top priority to land my next job as quickly as I can. If I am out of work, I make looking for a job my full-time job. I put 100% of my energy, effort and most of my waking hours in pursuing my next job. This is the true secret of finding your next job quickly.

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