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10 Things A Recruiter Won’t Tell You

I have worked with recruiters at Information Technology placement firms for the last 20 years. I have worked with great and terrible recruiters. In my opinion, the best recruiters are those who have been in the business for five plus years. They have the battle scars to prove how tough this business can be. It makes my job as a computer consultant much easier compare to these folks. If you have never worked with a recruiter or headhunter before, you should be aware of what to expect from these people. I have seen too many inexperienced job seekers who do not understand the recruiting business. Below is an excerpt from a great article from SmartMoney that sums up precisely what you can expect when dealing with recruiters:

1. There are better ways to find a job.
2. We don’t work for you.
3. Until a year ago, I was a car salesman.
4. The job we advertised may not exist.
5. We already know quite a bit about you.
6. Our jobs aren’t so hot either.
7. You’re at the mercy of a computer, just like online job board users.
8. The temp-to-perm carrot is rotten.
9. If you have a job, I could get you fired.
10. If I’m in Virginia, I probably won’t help you find a job in Nebraska.

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