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Average Tech Worker Making $100K in Silicon Valley

Dice, an online jobs board, recently completed an annual salary survey that showed the average tech worker in Silicon Valley is making $104,195 a year. This is the first time it went above $100K since the survey began. That is a 5% increase from 2010. In addition to the increase in salary, 38% of tech workers are getting an average bonus of $12,450.

What this is telling me is that the demand for job seekers with technical skills in Silicon Valley is increasing rapidly. Due to the shortage of skilled labor, salaries are being increased to attract talented people.

There has never been a better time to work in the information technology field. Tech companies in Silicon Valley are doing very well at the moment. I recently read an article that Facebook cannot find enough good people for its job openings. I think this lack of skilled workers will persist for a long time.

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