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6 Things You Should Never Say in a Job Interview

1. NEVER EVER badmouth your current or former bosses, colleagues and companies.

This is just unprofessional and not necessary. When I ask you why you are looking for a new job, I assume you are not happy with the current job. You do not need to go into the details why your boss is evil and everyone at the company is incompetent. When you say bad things about your current/previous company, I wonder what you will say about us when you eventually go look for another job. Talking smack about your current/previous company comes off as being immature, negative and can label you as a person who is difficult to work with. I want to hire someone who is positive and enthusiastic.

2. Don’t bring up the subject of salary or benefits.

There will be a time for that especially when we know we want to hire you. Bringing up this subject too early can derail the interview because I think you want this job for the money and not because it is a great job. As a rule, wages and salaries are not discussed during the first interview.You got to demonstrate to me first that you are a worthy candidate and you need to prove to me that you got what it takes to make it in this company.

3. Don’t ask me what my company does.

YOU should already know that if you have done your research. If a candidate asks me this question, the interview is over and he/she will be asked to leave. This tells me the candidate did not do proper research and have done zero due diligence. They just want me to give them a job instead of figuring out how they can help the company.

4. Don’t tell me how great this job will be for you.

Tell me how you can help us. Interviewers hate job candidates who are arrogant and selfish. When you talk about how you can contribute to the company’s success, I am very interested. When you tell me how this job will be great for your career, how short your commute will be, the fact that you will be making more money than your old job and so on, I begin to think you are a selfish person and a career climber.

5. Don’t talk politics, religion or anything of a sensitive nature.

We are here to know about you and how you can help the company. We don’t care about your personal politics or philosophies. If you bring these subjects up I just assume you have nothing better to say. This will certainly diminish your credibility and makes me pause when seriously considering you as a front-runner for the job. Anytime you get off-topic you are about to walk into dangerous waters. At best, I will just ignore the comment. At worst, I will end the interview and you will never hear from us again.

6. Don’t use profanities and slang words.

You might think you are cool by using these words but not on the first interview. Unless you are interviewing at a tattoo parlor, this language is unprofessional and you are treating this interview too casually. It is a formal conversation and requires the use of good English grammar. I want to know that you can use proper grammar and that you can speak well as communications is a very important ability that we want in our workers. If you want to be taken seriously, do not disrespect the interviewer by treating it as a social conversation you would have with friends over a beer. You want to come off as intelligent, articulate and well-mannered.


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