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Job Search Myth: There Are No Jobs In The Summer Months

We are quickly approaching the summer months. The summer months are usually associated with lazy days at the beach or family vacations. Most job seekers mistakenly believe that hiring slows down during summer time. This is not true. I have successfully landed jobs during the summer months and also done a lot of hiring during this period. I sometimes browse the job boards during the summer time and the number of jobs listed decreases a bit but you don’t see a major drop off.

Although the summer seems like a slow time for business because everyone takes vacations, the majority of companies do hire in the summer months. And if you’re looking for a job right now, you can actually take advantage of the summertime job market.

In fact, the summer months can be the most fruitful because employers are more likely to read your resume and ask you to come in for an interview. There is less work pressure and demands because the summer months are usually the slowest months at most companies. They will have more time to devote to searching for and interviewing job candidates. Also people tend to be in a better mood when it is sunny and warm. You can use this to your advantage.

The best time to apply for a job is when you need one. The month of the year should not dictate your decision on whether to launch your job search. If you are looking for a job from now until September, you should not slow down under the mistaken assumption that employers are not hiring. You should be consistent in your job search efforts regardless of the time of year. If you stop your job search, you could miss out on some great opportunities.  And you may face less competition if other job seekers are buying into the summer slowdown myth. If you are thinking about looking for a new job, there is never a better time to look than the present. Don’t let the “summertime job market myth” stand in your way of your goals.

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