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10 Job Search Tips From a World-Class Recruiter

I recently had the privilege to interview Toffee Real, Managing Director at Eastridge Infotech, who has over 20-year experience in Information Technology (IT) staffing, on the topic of IT job searching. Here are Toffee’s tips for IT job candidates. Enjoy!  

Top 7 job search strategies

1. Work your network. Nothing is like being referred directly by someone who knows you and who also knows the hiring manager.

2. Have a LinkedIn profile updated with recommendations. Employers go there.

3. Set up job search engines and respond job leads selectively. Distinguish yourself with your style and a relevant resume.

4. Call to follow up. Do not rely on e-mail.

5. If inclined, have a blog. Be a thought leader in your field.

6. Keep the pipeline full until you have a suitable offer.

7. Partner with recruiters with integrity.

Top 3 common mistakes that job seekers make

1. Not prepare for an interview thoroughly such as not knowing the company or not knowing the job.

2. Badly written resume: need to be concise (3 pages maximum). The resume is grammatically correct. It contains significant accomplishments relevant to the job requirement.

3. Not listening to what’s important to the interviewer and not answering questions directly by going around the questions and rambling.

Top recruiting sources

Our over 20 year-old database is constantly updated with referrals and other acquisitions from various other sources (e.g., references, previous clients, LinkedIn connections, job leads from and

Favorite recruiting story

A client needed a senior Project Manager and ended up hiring two of our candidates not only because they were well qualified but largely because they were well prepared for each interview. The final interview included a mock-up presentation. I reviewed their PowerPoint presentations and rehearsed with them.

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