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Top 5 Job Sites You Should Know

In a country that is loaded with unemployment, we need all of the resources we can find to get a job when we’re simply out of work. Being unemployed is one of the scariest and nerve racking situations in life today. When we can’t find work, we can’t pay our bills, and we face situations like paying our electric bill to keep the lights on, paying our vet to take care of our pets, and even paying our rent to avoid eviction. When it comes down to finding a job at this crucial time, you need the right resources to find a gig that’s going to meet your income needs as well as offer you some sort of work satisfaction. While several of us will take what we can get, most of us are qualified for some sort of area of specialty. When you don’t know where to look, you need to turn to employment sites to help resolve your dilemma. Here are the top 5 employment sites that we’ve found work best when looking for a job.

Indeed is an aggregator of job sites. From major websites, to niche listings, and even individual employer submissions, Indeed is one of the largest employment databases in the world. With a simple to use website and mobile app for people who are on the go or have no internet connection at home, Indeed updates regularly, and it’s not uncommon to find new listings in your area of specialty every few hours.

Monster has been around since the early days of the internet. With thousands of listings and resumes as well, there are always employers posting and viewing on Resume writing services on are known to provide high quality results that get your resume notices.

Made famous by Super Bowl commercials, Careerbuilder is one of the few sites left that offers a premium listing for people seeking jobs. It drives more traffic than any other employment site available, so you know that there are quality listings always being posted. While you may have to sift through some sales positions, Careerbuilder jobs are known for offering the best income.


Believe it or not, several employees turn to Craigslist when looking to hire for open positions. There aren’t nearly as many listings available, but those that are there are regulated by users and spam is often quickly filtered out. The quality of jobs available on Craigslist, regardless of how thinly spread the listings are, are usually the highest around.


Dice is the lead tech job site for computer professionals. You will be able to find any type of IT job from companies as diverse as start-ups all the way to giant companies such as Wells Fargo bank. Some of the job listings are from recruiters looking to fill contract positions for their clients. Others are full-time jobs from companies hiring directly. Dice is a great site when you want to land a computer job quickly.

Whether it’s a summer job, or permanent position that you’re looking for, not only offers thousands of employment listings, but provides users with employment advice through blogging from career professionals. You can use this site not only to land the job of your dreams, but to give you direction when it comes time for an interview.

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