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5 Signs the Interview Is Not Going Well

I have gone on countless interviews. I usually will know during the interview whether I am hitting it off with the hiring manager or not. Last month I discussed some signs that tell you an interview is going well. Today I want to take the opposite side of the coin and give you 5 signs that can tell you that the hiring manager is not interested in you. Bad interviews can be harder to spot than good interviews. That is because some interviewers try to hide the fact that the candidate is not making a good impression on them. Below are some of the signs you need to watch out for to alert you that things are not going well. Just because you spot one of these signs doesn’t mean that you are not going to get the job offer. You need to see more than a few of these signs together to get a better picture whether you are striking out.

1. The interviewer does not look interested in you or what you have to say.

If the interviewer seems bored or just appears to be going through the motions, this can be a bad sign. It is also not a good sign when the interviewer barely makes eye contact or does not offer a smile. It is true that some interviewers have no people or communications skills. They are poor listeners and constantly interrupt you before you can finish your sentence. There are also interviewers who appear distracted by their smartphones or seem preoccupied with other things. So be careful that you are not misinterpreting the interviewer when you see him/her bored. The interviewer might just be having a bad day.

2. Your questions are answered abruptly.

This can be a trait of the interviewer or it can be that you are bombing the interview. I would not jump into conclusions right away because this might just be the interviewer’s communication style.

3. Bring up subtle objections.

The interviewer starts to mention why he/she thinks you might not be qualify for the position. They might even question you about your ability to take on the responsibilities that the job entails.

4.  Interview ends earlier than scheduled.

This could mean the interviewer is busy but more likely he or she has concluded you are not a match and is eager to move on.

5. The interviewer is being vague with the next steps.

Good interviewers make sure that strong candidates know exactly what will happen next and when they can expect to hear something. If you are not getting a definitive answer on the next steps, this can be because they have decided to ax you from the list of potential candidates for the next stage of the interview process.

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