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3 Career Tips For College Graduates

If you’re a new graduate you’re probably wondering ‘what’s next’ right now, and maybe even a little scared about the job market and what the future holds.  While your concerns certainly are fair, this isn’t the time to go hide under your desk at home but rather to start doing the things that will get you noticed by prospective employers and get the job search under way.

The old adage that ‘pride goeth before a fall’ is still true, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t be confident. The fact is, you’re adept at working with computers and the latest tech, you’re adaptable to changes, and you’re open to doing things a little bit differently. You don’t need your first job to be the best job ever, you need experience and you have a lot going for you. So get out there, see what’s available and go get it if you want it.

Clean up your on-line profile!  If you spent the last four years posting every rant, rave or ridiculous picture of yourself on Twitter, FaceBook and Tumblr, now might be a great time to go around and take some of that stuff down. Today’s employers are looking at social sites to get a feel for what their future employee brings to the table, so having a picture on FaceBook of you, half sloshed, wearing a T-Shirt that says ‘let’s get naked and f@ck’ might not be a great idea.

If you really want to get some real world experience, go out and see the real world. Teach English in Peru, go to Haiti and build shelters for homeless people, or travel Europe and work on your language skills. Now, at this time in your life, you have the last burdens that you will ever have. No family, no mortgage, no ‘career’. This is probably one of the last times you’ll be so free, so take advantage of it.

No matter what you do, enjoy this time of your life and be proud of your accomplishments. It’s not the time to sit around doing nothing, but if you want to stretch your legs and smell the roses for a little while you’ll still be OK.

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