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Top 4 Reasons Why You Have Not Landed A Job

The main reason you have not landed a job in an improving but still sluggish economy is you. This does not mean you as a person but rather your tactics in networking, your resume, your interview techniques and skills, and your use of social networks like Linkedin that can aid you in your job search.

The tired old adage “doing the same thing and expecting different results” may be just where you are in your job search. The top reasons why you have not landed a job are your management of networking, your resume, and your interview skills.

Your primary and only objective in answering ads for open positions is to get an interview. The more face time you have with potential employers the more likely you are to land a job if not the job of your dreams. Dream jobs are scarce these days

Your primary weapon in opening the doors to a face to face interview is your resume. A well done resume is putting your best foot forward in your first contact with a potential employer.

A great resume makes you stand out from the herd. Your resume should be concise, have perfect punctuation and grammar, and above all present your accomplishments. A laundry list of former job duties is meaningless to a potential employer. Accomplishments that saved or made money for former employers is what a potential employer wants to see. A cover letter briefly stating your qualifications and some of your major accomplishments make you a viable candidate for a new job.

An interview is the best way for you to stand out from the rest of the pack that is hungry for the same job you are. Dress like you would for a funeral. Overdressing is an indication you understand the seriousness of the situation and indicates that you are flexible even in job environments that do not have a formal dress code.

Do not attempt to make yourself better than you are. With all the background information available to a potential employer for a few dollars any fabrications will eliminate you from consideration.

Networking your old job associates is a very useful tool in finding a new job. If you are just beginning a career or are “of a certain age” your network may be small to nonexistent.

Linkedin can be an invaluable networking resource for the job seeker. Linkedin is a social network of business people. You can connect with former employers and coworkers, find direct contacts with potential employers in your field, and get tips from pros about what jobs are hot. You can use Linkedin as a marketing tool for the product you are selling. That product is your experience, ability, and accomplishments. The majority of Linkedin’s services are free

If you have not landed a job you need to look at your networking methods, perfect your resume, and practice you interview skills. Landing a job is work. Work is what you are looking for anyway so do the work that gets you what you want and need.

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