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5 Most Common Interview Questions

So you have the skills and knowledge that you need to do a great job in your selected field. You studied hard, got great grades, and you know your stuff. In fact, you think you’re a great candidate for any job. Well, not to burst you bubble but guess what; none of that matters.

What matters the most is; can you get through a job interview in one piece and make a good enough impression on your possible new boss that they decide to hire you out of all the other candidates that applied. The fact is, all the book smarts and great grades in the world won’t do you any good if you can’t make a good impression at the job interview.

To that end here are the 5 most commonly asked questions that you will be asked at most job interviews.  Consider it a ‘cheat sheet’ for your interview and study them well.

1- What is your dream job?  I find this question the most ridiculous. The fact is, MY dream job would be ‘lottery winner who has to count money’.  Of course you can’t tell the truth, so be prepared to explain why their company is your dream job and be prepared to back it up with some research that you’ve done about the company.

2- What makes you the best fit for this job?  You need to nail this so be prepared with some real-world skills and experience (if possible) that actually are useful for the position. If the job is sorting mail in the mail room let them know that you’re super organized and like a challenge. Your skills need to match the job.

3- Where do you see yourself in 5 years? Another silly question, but interviewers love this one.  Are there really people that look 5 years ahead and know what they want to be doing?!  I’d love to meet them.  Anyway, make sure you have an answer that doesn’t seem too pat, and if you indeed have researched the company use that to make it sound like you have thought long-term about them.

4- Why did you choose this career?  This is a good one, so be ready for it with more than the usual BS.  If you say ‘because I love to help people’ when you interview for the morgue technician job you might not sound qualified.  Or sane.

5- Why should I hire you?  My very favorite.  The dead honest answer, of course, is the worst. Never say ‘because I desperately need a job so that I can move out of my folk’s basement and have some money to go on dates and maybe get laid’. Bosses hate that for some reason.  Instead, have a list of qualities ready that define a little bit about who you are and what you bring to the table. Again, research beforehand about the company here would serve you well.

Finally, if you know you don’t interview well, practice. That’s right; find a partner and get serious. Practice being interviewed with a partner until you know what you’re going to say and can say it with ease. This is big, and a new job will change your life, so put some time in and get it done.

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