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How to Get Your Resume Past Resume Screening Software

Nowadays, employers have the ability to weed out applicants and find the perfect employee in record time, thanks to software screening. Software screening has the ability to make the hiring process run smoothly for the employer and can save a job seeker valuable time.

No one enjoys sitting through an entire interview only to find out that the employer wants to hire someone who can travel at least three months out of the year, and you specifically checked no on your application that you were not willing to travel.

It takes time to screen through each application and an employer’s time is often limited. Employers can get bombarded with hundreds of applications and who has time to read through all of them. That is why software screening has become so important. It does the foot work for employers, it makes hiring an applicant easier than ever before.

These programs are designed to search the applications and/or resumes for particular keywords. For instance it might search all incoming applications for the words: bachelor’s degree, flexible, 10-key experience, Microsoft Word, etc. The employer can program what they want and the software program will match those keywords up with their stacks of applications, and narrow down the top ten applicants.

It sounds wonderful and it makes a lot of sense. The programs not only narrow down applicants using optimal keywords, but they also offer online tests that help to measure an applicant’s skills. These software programs can also provide online personality assessments, do behavioral assessments and even offer a managerial assessment.

The advantages are endless, but there are also a few disadvantages to online screening. This screening process can only measure concrete information, it doesn’t measure everything.

You’ve heard of individuals who are great test takers, but not quite as good once they’ve been hired. There is something to be said about the human element. There are some personalities that do not come through on paper or on line, as they do in person. Some individuals might not have the experience firsthand, however they might poses a magnificent “can do” attitude and are able to adapt quickly.

Since these software programs are not flawless, there are a few things that an applicant can do to work this to their advantage. The first thing an applicant should do when searching for a job, is to carefully scan the job description to see if it is a good match. If it sounds like the job might be a perfect fit, then here is your chance to sell yourself.

If the job description indicates that the employer is looking for a candidate with a specific skill or skills, and you have those skills, include those in your resume. If you resume doesn’t already list them by name go in and add them. Don’t assume that the employer knows that just because you are a carpenter that you know how to use a jigsaw and don’t assume they know that you are a whiz with the jigsaw, if you have a certification in that area now is the time to flaunt it. If the job description says they are looking for ‘that’, make certain your resume reflect ‘that’.

Next, be prepared to allow a few extra minutes when you are going on line to submit your resume, if the company asks for you to take a quick personality test or managerial test, you’ll score better if you are not rushing through it.

Remember the software program is looking for concrete information. The better prepared for these online software programs that you are will help to ensure that you will get that face to face interview.

Between having a great resume that sends you to the top, and having an award winning attitude when you show up for your interview, no matter the outcome you will definitely shine.

Face it, it is a tough market out there, but if you are serious about finding a job and you are persistent, you will eventually find something that you love. Take software screening seriously and use it to your advantage.

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