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3 Key Attributes That Every Hiring Manager is Looking For

Welcome to the job market! Whether you’re just out of school or if you’ve been working for many years the qualities that companies and their hiring managers are looking for will always be the same. They want someone that they can rely on, that will produce, and that won’t become a problem down the road.  It seems straightforward enough, but during the job interview there are certain attributes that hiring managers look for (and answers they wish to hear) that you should know if you want to get that job. Here, in no particular order, are the top 3.

1) Communication. Maybe the most important, the ability to communicate well is an attribute that all hiring managers appreciate. Great communication skills are important in almost any line of work, and make the lives of the people above you much easier. If you can show that you are an effective communicator during the job interview you will score a lot of points. Think before you answer, don’t give up too much info, and don’t talk too much.  Most of all, when the hiring manager is speaking make sure to listen attentively. Most hiring managers are primadonnas and, if they think you’re ignoring them or otherwise not completely enthralled by their every word, you’re toast.

2) Professionalism. This is one that many people get wrong during the interview. Professionalism means that you don’t trash-talk your old boss, that you are courteous, and that you dress well.  If you show up in a wrinkled shirt and mismatched tie, talking about how your last boss was a ‘stupid SOB that thought he knew everything’ you’re done before you even start.  Also, when the hiring manager introduces him or herself, don’t answer with ‘Yo, wassup’ but instead ‘Hello, it’s a pleasure to meet you’. Even if you’re interviewing for the night watchman position being professional during your interview will impress, and sometimes that what it takes to get the job.

3) Enthusiasm. If you really want to wow the hiring manager do a little studying before you go into the interview and find out about the company. Being able to ask some interesting questions about what they do or make will help you should like you have a genuine interest and enthusiasm about going to work there. Even if it’s a job at McDonald’s statements like ‘I’ve always been amazed at how you guys can put out such great tasting food so fast. I can’t wait to see how it’s done!’ will have the hiring manager swooning.

If you can master these 3 key points and make them 3 great attributes about you I believe that your job search will be short and prosperous. Good luck!

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