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5 Things That Should Not Be In Your Resume

As the economy is still weak, many people are still losing their jobs and not being able to find another really quick. So when looking for a job in this weak economy, you must know how to represent yourself in a very strong light. Though your positivity can decrease after not being called back for an interview. You can change all that on your own. Your resume honestly says a lot about you and can be what is standing between you and that interview for that new job you want. Having a great resume is very important for landing any job. It has to simply state your professional background. But there are things that you should never include in your resume.

Don’t have a crazy or relatively outlandish objective. Keep it simple, state what you want to do with your life without being overly confident. The objective statement is the part of a resume that can either make or break a deal. So always keep it highly professional, no matter what type of job you are seeking. Irrelevant job experience is also another thing that you can leave of your new resume. So keep it simple and relevant to this particular job and you will more than likely get a call back for an interview.

Any type of novelty achievements you may have received over the years, do not need to go in your resume. Don’t include things such as eating contests you’ve won or if you were prom queen or best smile. These things may make you proud and happy, but they don’t really showcase your skills. Those things don’t really matter much in the professional world. So always keep your resume professional and neat.

Having spelling and grammar errors should not be included in your resume either. It may change the hiring manager’s outlook on the whole resume. Too many spelling errors may make your potential boss think you may be sloppy or not care about the quality of your work. So always proofread and use spellchecker and if you can then get a friend or family member to check it over as well.

If your resume is visually unappealing it may affect your chances of getting called back for that interview as well. Always lay your resume out in a very professional manner. If your resume is sloppy and disorganized then they may feel as if you are disorganized as well. And they may also think you have problems properly setting up documents and spreadsheets.

Also never include too much information, don’t lists paragraphs about how you enjoy spending your summers. A resume is suppose to highlight your attributes and strong points that would make you good for a particular job. If you include too much information the hiring manager may feel as if you love to talk about yourself. So just highlight your experiences and skills that make you the best suitable potential employee.

Once you have revised and tailored your resume using those points, then you are more than likely to get a call back. Landing the interview and impressing the hiring manager will assure you have a great chance at getting the job.

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