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Top 3 Ways Get Along With the Boss

Unless you work for yourself or run your own business there will always be one person that you have in your life who will be very important; your boss. No matter what you do, whether it’s digging ditches or rocket science, your boss is the man or woman who will ultimately help you or hinder you in your career. Getting along with your boss is thus very important and can mean the difference between loving your job and being promoted and praised and dreading going to work every morning.

There are many different things you can and should do to nurture your relationship with any boss that you may have, but the following 3 will help you the most.

1. Remember that your boss, no matter how old they are or how much (or little) experience they have, is human just like you and makes mistakes just like you. The trick is to never point out those mistakes in front of others, and if you do find the need to point them out make sure you do it with a lot of tact. If you can fix their mistake first and then point it out to them tactfully you will make a strong ally with them which may come in very handy at promotion time.

2. Praise your boss when they do something excellent (or even just OK), but don’t overdo it. Everyone likes to hear that what they have done is appreciated and bosses are no different, but on the other hand nobody like’s an ask-kisser, at least not for very long.  Your boss probably got to where they are by being very astute, and they will know right away if you’re the king of BS or really giving praise because you mean it.

3. Ask your boss how you’re doing and what it is that they think you can do better. There isn’t a boss in the world that won’t be impressed by this because it takes real initiative to ask this question and nearly nobody does it. If your boss points out something make sure to get on it and change it (if possible) and let them know in a subtle but firm way that you did. If they point out something they like make sure to keep doing it and do it more often if you can.

Bonus- Dis-agreeing with your boss is OK but never in front of other people unless you’re dead sure that you are 100% correct and the boss will agree with you. If you do need to disagree with something they said or did do it in private and, as I mentioned above, and do it very tactfully.

If you can follow these rules and tips you are sure to get ahead and, one day, maybe even be the boss yourself.  When you get there make sure to be a good, fair boss and treat your people the way you liked to be treated when you were just a worker-bee. Good luck!

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