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7 Tips for Coping With a Job You Hate

Almost all of us have been there at one point in our lives or another; the job from hell. Whether it’s a boss that is more dim than a broken light bulb or co-workers who bug you like ants at a picnic, there are times in your life when you’ll be stuck with a job that you just abhor and you have no other choice but to sit there and take it.

Or do you?  I mean, a crummy job isn’t exactly the end of the world, and sometimes there are things to be learned even from the worst of them. So if you’re temporarily stuck with job that’s like a bad joke, read on and find out about 7 Tips for coping with it and keeping your sanity.

Tip 1 – Remember that this isn’t the last job you’ll ever have. You won’t be there forever, and even if you are there’s always the possibility that your boss will get hit by falling space debris.

Tip 2 – Primal scream therapy is good for the soul, and if you have a sock puppet that you can yell at while pretending it’s the boss all the better. Just don’t do it at work, especially if you need to take off your socks.

Tip 3 – When you get home at night do NOT talk about work. Ever. Work life and home life should never mix.

Tip 4 – Take a break during the day to do something stupid and wasteful, if only for 10 minutes. Watch a dumb video, or draw a picture of your cubicle mate being eaten by a T-Rex. Fun!

Tip 5 – Stay positive and work hard, even if you hate yourself for it.  You never know if what you do now will pay-off in the future and a glowing review from this job could land you a much better job down the road with a boss that doesn’t remind you of a feral pig.

Tip 6 – Have something to look forward to after work, so that you at least know that when your day is done something you enjoy awaits. Working out, getting together with friends, or drinking until you’re goofy all work just fine. (Just don’t drink and drive.)

Tip 7 – Keep your sense of humor. Studies suggest that having a sense of humor will help you cope with many situations in life.

If you can do these things you will definitely survive any job, no matter how boring, bland, or irksome your boss and co-workers may be.  Best of luck.

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