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How to Interview Like Steve Jobs – 5 Steps to a Perfect Interview

Though known more for his technical brilliance and his hugely popular company, Apple, Steve Jobs was a truly gifted communicator.  Steve Jobs was able to not only listen, but he heard the salient point of any message that someone was trying to convey – this rare skill can be broken down into 5 steps that can help you give the perfect interview and land that dream job.  Here’s how it works.

Step 1: Research.  Research the job, the company, and even if you are already familiar with it, research the industry.  What this will do is show how seriously you take the possibility of working for that company and will show that you respect the interviewers time and that you appreciate the opportunity they are giving you.

Step 2: Practice.  Practice the interview, from introduction to conclusion, have 3-5 questions in mind to ask you interviewer.  Make the questions semi-specific, but refrain from asking anything that would get into technical info or anything proprietary.  Keep the questions fact based and centered on the position you are interviewing for, as opposed to questions about the company in general.  You can and should ask about projected growth, but keep the question general and be prepared for a brief answer.

Step 3:  Show enthusiasm at the interview.  Be genuinely interested and excited at the interview, but at no point should you need to portray over-the-top excitement.  Be interested in what the interviewer(s) have to say, when you can, ask brief follow up questions, and let the interviewer lead the interview.

Step 4: Clearly explain why they should hire you.  Here is a moment when being direct can really benefit you.  Outline skills and accomplishments you have that make you a good fit for the job, mention any industry specific experience you have – from software you are familiar with to protocol that you know how to follow and anything relevant in between.  Keep it brief, you should be able to sum up why you are the best fit in less than 90 seconds.

Step 5: Call to action.  Follow up your brief sales pitch with an action statement like “Contact Me”, “Call Me”, or “Looking forward to hearing from you.”  Let the interviewer know that you are eager to hear back from them and that you are ready and available for the position.  Keep the call to action brief and follow up with the interview within 48 hours, preferably via email.  Thank them for their time and offer to answer any follow up questions they might have.  Always include your contact information at the bottom of the email.

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