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Career Women – Beyond Financial Rewards

Women today face challenges that their mothers and grandmothers never even had to think about. With many women today balancing family life and a career, they find themselves overworked, spread thin and with a nagging feeling that there is something they have forgotten to do. Actually, there is something they have forgotten: to stop and think about whether their life is all that it should be.

When we say should be, what do we mean?  Well when I say should be I am encouraging women to reflect on why it is they want to have a career at all. The obvious answer to that is ‘I need to pay the bills’ or ‘my husband’s income isn’t sufficient to meet the mortgage as well as our other financial commitments’. Women who say this are basically saying: ‘I have a career because I need to earn money.’

Earning money from a career is a result. It may be the most important material result but that doesn’t mean that there is nothing more to a career than doing all we can to achieve the best financial earnings. After all, we spend a large percentage of our time in the workplace, dealing with the same repetitive tasks and familiar faces. Shouldn’t there be more than just a financial reward to the vast amount of time spent out of the home?

Of course there should be. There it is again. Should be. It’s an unfortunate turn of phrase as women have enough demands on them already. But believe me; this demand of mine is in your favour and strictly for your benefit.

Ask yourself the question. Go on. “Am I where I want to be?” Take the time to think about it. If you could change something about your career path, would you?

While the women of today are working harder and balancing more than previous generations they also have an amazing array of resources available to them to help them achieve the most out of their career in terms of job satisfaction. There is nothing as empowering as taking responsibility for your own personal and professional development. If this means a shift in how you approach your career or even a total career change, women should know that they have so many programs and courses available to them that are specifically catered to the needs of women in the workforce.

I urge you to take charge of your own growth. This might take the form of asking your boss for specific support or advice, but always remember that you have the freedom to achieve your own personally developed plan and goals. These can be developed in your own time and in your own space and driven with you at the helm.

Beyond Career Success is committed to helping people achieve career success. You will find classes that are bundled with powerful and practical career tips that you can apply right away after just one session. So don’t just tolerate the hum drum of your job. Make your career the most satisfying and rewarding aspect of your life – take control!

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