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10 Tips From a World Class Recruiter


I had the good fortune of interviewing one of the best technical recruiters in the business. She was instrumental in getting me an interview at my current client. She has been in the technical staffing business for about 5 years. Below are 10 surefire tips to land a job quickly:

1.       Work diligently to find a job
2.       Use job boards to post your resume and search job boards for jobs that fit your skill set
3.       Be honest about your skill set in your resume
4.       When interviewing speak slowly and clearly when responding to questions
5.       It is ok to be honest with the recruiter you are working with.
6.       Do not accept an offer verbally / written and then decline it several weeks later for another
7.       Always show up a couple minutes early  for an in-person interview
8.       If you confirm an interview please show up for it.  If you cannot make it be sure to cancel
9.       Always be truthful
10.     Never burn a bridge and be courteous to those you work for and with

Bonus tip:

If you don’t have an interest in the job and it does not suit you just say so.

The 3 most common mistakes job seekers make:

1.       Not being truthful
2.       Incorrect spelling and grammar mistakes in resumes
3.       Showing up late or not showing at all for interviews

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