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5 Tips for Working at Home

Since the computer revolution more and more people have started working from home either part-time or even full time.  Today millions of people work for companies large and small but do it from home instead of going into an office, and the perks (and problems) of this new way of working present unique challenges and open up interesting opportunities for many.

There are, to be sure, many benefits to working from home, including saving a lot of time that would otherwise be wasted commuting.  The cost of gas and car maintenance is another perk that people who work from home receive, as well as the reduction in stress that any commute invariably brings.

People who work from home also face numerous challenges, including concentrating on their work when there’s nobody to supervise them, being distracted by many other non-work tasks and being cut-off from their fellow employees. It takes a dedicated person to be able to successfully work from home, no doubt.

If you work from home or plan to start, here are 5 Tips that may help you to survive the change and flourish in your new work environment.

1) Set aside dedicated hours where you do nothing but your work, no matter what. Whether in the morning or late in the evening have these hours set aside to be ‘work time’ only.

2) Set up a work station that isn’t near the TV. Very important. The TV is the most distracting of all electronic devices.

3) If you have children set ground-rules for when they can and can’t interrupt you. This can be difficult if they’re very young but it’s essential.

4) Set small goals for yourself during the day and meet them. You’ll find that things get done easier and quicker.

5) Advise friends and family that you can’t be distracted when you’re working, and stick to it.  If you don’t, they won’t think it’s important and will distract you even worse than the kids.

Working from home can be very rewarding and satisfying but, as with anything in life, there are challenges that must be met and conquered. If you meet these challenges you will find success, keep your boss(es) happy, and be happy too, and anytime you can be happy at work is a good thing.

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