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8 Winning Resume Tips

Most job seekers are concern that there resume is either too short or too long. I get a lot of questions at my webinars about the perfect length for a resume. The quick answer is that there is no ideal length. Your resume should be as long as necessary to sell yourself to the hiring managers. Instead of focusing on the length of your resume, I would advise you to concentrate on the content of your resume. Below are 8 resume tips about the length and content of your resume.

 Tip 1

If you are fresh out of college and trying to find your place in your chosen profession, then you need to keep your resume to one page. Use this one page to highlight your education and any internships you may have been a part of during school.

Tip 2

For the person that has many years of experience especially in middle to upper management you can have a resume as long as you like. But remember people in the position of offering you a job do not have time to read 8 or 9 pages, so try and still keep it reasonable, while still demonstrating what you can offer.

Tip 3

If you decide to go with a longer resume make sure that your most impressive skills and accomplishments appear on the first page. When someone is scanning your resume, they will not dig deeper if the first page does not catch their eye.

Tip 4

When there is a large amount of resumes to go through, the human resources person is not going to read every one. So make sure the most important information is easy to find. Make sure to use bold faced section titles, and proofread everything one or two times to make sure there are no errors. Your resume is most likely only going to be skimmed so you do not want it eliminated because of a typing error.

Tip 5

One of the biggest mistakes people make when they are writing their resume is that they want to include everything. There is a point where what you did 20 years ago may not be that important today. So you should take any old experience off your resume unless it is relevant to the position your are applying.

Tip 6

The newest rend in resume writing is to have the shortest possible resume. This means that information such as hobbies is no longer necessary in order to have a complete resume. Also personal information such as date of birth or marital status are questions that can no longer be asked in an interview.

Tip 7

One of the easiest ways to trim your resume is to shorten job descriptions. Unless you held a very unique position, most potential employers are not interested in everything you did as a manager. Instead replace this information with accomplishments. For example; saved company $200,000 by creating an inventory control procedure.

Tip 8

Think of your resume like every word is not only important, but each extra word costs you money. Take out phrases like, “responsible for,” this will help to shorten what you have.

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