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Book Review: The Power Formula for LinkedIn Success

Facebook is meant to connect you with the world, but in the corporate arena it’s not the quantity of contacts you have that matters. It’s the quality of those contacts that is essential, and that is what you get when you build your business with LinkedIn, which is basically the professional counterpart of Facebook.

Unfortunately, while most people can easily teach you the mechanics of Facebook, you will find a small number of people able to show you the way of LinkedIn, much less navigate its many helpful features. There’s no denying that LinkedIn has what it takes to improve your business or career. While you may not be able to find a prospective employer on Facebook, you can certainly bet that the country’s majority of managers, executives, headhunters, and recruiters are on LinkedIn.
They are using LinkedIn to look for individuals like you; however, if you want them to find you much easier, then you need to do what you can as well to make your profile “searchable”. In a nutshell, that is exactly what The Power Formula for LinkedIn Success is all about.

There are a lot of things that you’d learn and benefits you’d enjoy once you get your hands on this book.

Are you feeling out of touch with the social media generation?

It’s not about the age, really. Many other factors could have contributed to your inability to adapt to the needs and features of social media, and those same factors may be preventing you from fully understanding just how powerful LinkedIn is. Thankfully, this book works like a very user-friendly and detailed map that will tell you everything you have to do to make a successful crossing from Point A to Point Z.

When it says it’s beginner-friendly, it really is.

Bookstore shelves are cluttered with supposedly beginner-friendly books for you to take full advantage of LinkedIn, but in the end, they are not really what they portrayed themselves to be. They contain relevant and helpful information, yes, but they’re unfortunately written in such a way that you might as well be reading a new form of Arabic and Mandarin.

The Power Formula for LinkedIn Success is different, though. Its author, Wayne Breitbarth, doesn’t make the mistake of assuming that its readers have existing knowledge about LinkedIn. This may be playing it too safe, but it actually works quite well as far as most first-time LinkedIn users are concerned.

You get to understand the fundamentals of LinkedIn, and with that you are able to benefit from having a strong foundation that will allow you to develop more effective strategies for marketing your skills or businesses through the site.

Last but not the least, the best thing about The Power Formula for LinkedIn Success is that it offers practical, easily and immediately applicable advice. You’ll know how to improve your profile page in simple and quick steps, find prospective employers in your field of choice, and learn which features of LinkedIn would best help you with your marketing efforts. And all these are just a few of what you can learn from the book.

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