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5 Ways to Get a Personal Referral

A well-written resume made heavy by your qualifications can get your foot in the door, but it’s only with a personal referral that you also get someone to actually open the door and welcome you inside. Knowing exactly where you want to work or which company you wish to work for is already good news, but you shouldn’t stop there. You need to make a big impression to get the job you want next, and to do that you need to apply the following steps and get yourself a personal referral.

1. Personal referrals should come from the right people.

Forget about your contacts in the HR department or from the rank and file. Personal referrals only matter if they come from one of the company’s senior managers or top executives. These are the people others automatically listen to and would have followed as much as possible.

To find out whom you should approach for a personal referral, you can do the following:

  • Visit the Glassdoor and search for its review of the company you wish to work for. The website has reports on more than 74,000 firms and these include information you’ll find vital such as salary ranges, the interview process, and their organizational culture.
  • Login or create an account with LinkedIn and check out which individuals have listed your target company as their employer.

When visiting these sites, make a list of the names that show up as well as any other crucial details about them.

2. Choose whom to write to.

Aside from having one of the top positions in the company, the person you should be contacting must also have a personality, a situation, or any other factor that would make him or her in need of your services or be able to appreciate it.

You can know more about these professionals by searching for their LinkedIn profile.

3. Schedule a meeting.

How you get to schedule a meeting is all up to you. The ends justify the means in this case. You can call, visit in person, or email. Do whatever is necessary as long as it will give you a chance to establish contact with the other party.

4. Prove your worth.

But don’t boast about it. Take your time to listen to the other party. Figure out a way to make your contact talk until you find out how it is that you can be of help. And when you know what it is, then that’s when you start talking about your skills and services. Don’t be too bashful, either. It’s very important that your contact realize you’d be an asset to the company and, consequently, he’d be an asset, too, for being the one lucky or skillful enough to recruit you to their side.

5. Ask for a personal referral.

If you’re lucky, it would be offered to you on a platter but don’t wait too long for this to happen. Sometimes, you just have to make your own fate and in this case that’s by letting the other party know straight out that you want to bat for his team, too.

6 Habits of a Successful Job Seeker

Habit 1: Be Responsible for your own Job Search

 There are many things that can be learned when searching for a job, like what types of positions suit you best and what aspects are important when it comes to a job. This is why you being responsible for your own job search is so vital; if you let others take the reins when it comes to this step, you might miss out on some important information and overall, you will be more lost and confused when it comes to the actual interview process itself.

Habit 2: Set a Goal

Along the job search, there are many things that can happen that can stray you off the right path. This is why it is so important to set a goal when it comes to seeking a job. Make sure that you tell yourself that you want to complete the job searching task by a certain date or time period. By setting this goal, you are telling yourself that you respect your job search and that you take it seriously and as a priority. Without a goal in tow, you job search could lag on for longer than is necessary.

Habit 3: Stay Focused

There are several things that could happen when you are searching for a job, family troubles or someone getting married or wonderful vacations that you have not taken yet could be on the horizon. The point is to not deviate from the job search at all and stay focused as much as possible. Looking for a job can be very stressful and this is why focus needs to be your top priority. The only way to complete a successful job search is to stay focused until your job search goal has been met.

Habit 4: Be Organized

There are many things that have to be noted and remembered and taken into consideration when searching for a job that is why being organized is such an important aspect in successfully finding a job. Stay organized by writing down every interview that you go on, every job that you apply to and even every person that you talk to. Write down what was said and the name of the person who said it complete with a date. When you look back on your notes, you will notice that the organizational aspect of everything will make your job search that much easier.

Habit 5: Be Good to Yourself

When searching for a job, you might get so focused that you forget to be good to yourself. Remember when you search for a job that you are the most important instrument for the job, so you need to be in tip-top condition. That means that you must get plenty of sleep, eat healthy, maybe learn yoga/meditation, and spend your downtime in nature. When you take care of yourself, you will notice your stress level going down and your overall outlook becoming more positive, which is vital to the success of getting a great job.

Habit 6: Never Give Up

At the end of the day, it can be difficult to get job that you like, even if you follow all of these habits religiously. The secret is to never give up! There are always new jobs on the horizon and new and interesting people to meet that might be your ticket to getting your dream job. Don’t give up on your search and don’t give up on yourself. If you told yourself that you are going to get a wonderful job, then stick to your goal and follow the habits until you do. Sooner or later, you will find yourself with a great job and it will be because you did not give up.

5 Tips to Improve Your Networking Skills

Networking is one of the big ‘it’ words in business these days, but the fact is that the average person only has an idea about what it means but few really know what makes a good networker. In fact, the best networkers are more like rock stars than normal people, and they use their networking skills to get ahead and stay on top, even in a down economy like today.

With that in mind, here are 5 tips that will help you become a better networker and help your business or career. Read closely and use these tips and you’ll find that it’s not nearly as hard as you think to use networking to get ahead.

1- Never leave the house without your business cards. If you go out of the house and you don’t have your cards you may miss opportunities to network that pop up all over the place, like the grocery store, the mall, the post office or a restaurant. Plus, having your cards proves you are serious about what you do.

2- If you’re at an event, don’t spend all of your time talking with just one person (unless they are VERY successful, in which case hang on their every word). Instead walk around and introduce yourself to as many people as possible, strike up short, 5 minute conversations and then move on.

3- Listen.  Many people tend to talk more than they listen, but if you’re looking for people that can help your career you need to know that they can help your career, and you’ll find that out by listening to them.  Of course if they sound like gigantic blowhards then feel free to blab all you want, but don’t waste too much time with them.

4- Practice your 60 second spiel, or what some call an ‘elevator speech’. If you can explain with clarity what you do in 60 seconds you will leave someone with a good impression and your business card.

5- Follow up with new contacts.  If they have anything to offer make sure you follow up. Call, send an email or write a note.  Heck, if they’re important enough send up a smoke signal if you have to, just as long as they don’t forget who you are.

Follow these 5 tips and you’ll soon be the network king, reaping the benefits of the new kingdom you created. Good luck.

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