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4 Ways to Stand Out From the Crowd

I just finished reading a great article on job search. Hannah Morgan listed four ways to stand out in a job search. I am in total agreement with the four ways she mentioned in her article. It is the same things that we have continually stress in our blog. The four ways are:

1. Revised your resume for each job

It is better to revised your resume to match each job than to send the same old resume without making any changes. Your resume is your marketing tool. It is the only thing a hiring manager knows about you. If you want to land an interview, your resume has to show the skills and experiences that they are looking for in the job description.

2. Take responsibility

As a job seeker, you are responsible for getting your next job. It is your responsibility to follow-up on each job lead that you are truly interested in pursuing. Don’t expect the employers to call you. You must be proactive and assertive in your job search.

3. Networking

It is easier to get an interview at a company when you know someone who works there. This person can open doors for you that you won’t be able to do otherwise. So it is important to tell your colleagues when you are looking for a new job so that they can ask their managers.

4. Don’t be a victim

By taking action and responsibility, you will be in the driver’s seat. You are ultimately the one that will get the job. Do not rely on other people to get you a job. That means you need to take action. While you cannot control the outcome, you can control what you do everyday to make progress on your job search.

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