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Job Hunting Lessons I learned from Olympians

OK, reality time; the vast majority of us will never, ever get a chance to be Olympians. Ever. Once you can wrap your mind around that we’re ready to proceed.  Done?  Good.

While most of us are never going to be Olympians we can learn quite a bit from them about how to find a job. That’s right, Olympians have the skill set necessary to find work in, well, any economy. By looking at the way they approach their training we can learn much about how to find gainful employment.

Focus, focus, focus.  Let me ask a question; do you think Michael Phelps plays Farmville or party all night?  No, he does not.  He is supremely focused on the task at hand, and because of that focus he is the most decorated Olympian in history.  If you are looking for a job you should not rest until you have one, and by putting away the distractions you’ll give yourself the best shot.

Gabby Douglas is the newest Gold medal Olympian in gymnastics and let me tell you she has spent the last four years sticking to a schedule to get there. She has devoted herself completely to her sport and her tight schedule allows for almost nothing else.  Training, stretching, exercises and cardio, and that’s only in the morning. If you put that much devotion into your schedule you’d have a job in no time. Plus you’d be a lot skinnier.

Don’t worry about the guy to your left or to your right. When you see those runners sprinting as fast as they can for the finish line do you think they’re asking themselves ‘I wonder what the guy in lane 2 is doing to get so strong?’. No, they’re keeping their eyes, and head, in their lane only.  They don’t care about what other guys or gals are doing, only what they’re doing and where they’re going. When searching for a job it pays to keep the blinders on and concentrate on your actions so that your number comes up next.

Commitment to a goal is the final lesson.  Most Olympians spent years focused on their goal of being a champion.  If you can put similar commitment into your job search you should be able to find employment much quicker than they found gold, and with a lot less sweat.

The fact is, while few of us will ever stand on that most special of podiums, if we take a few lessons from Olympic champs finding a job should be a piece of cake. Plus there’s very little chance that some 4 foot 3 girl from Slovakia will come in and steal it out from under you.

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