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How to Structure Your Day While Looking for a Job

If you’re really interested in finding a new job you have to first realize that, like finding a home, a car or a date for Friday night, you’re going to have to put in a good bit of leg work and accept a little rejection along the way.

You’re also going to need to make a plan of action and stick to it.  Structure your job search like you would any task and you’ll find that it becomes less stressful and more productive. Of course if you’re lousy at organizing and finishing tasks you might already have a problem but, lucky for you, there are a few great suggestions below to help you in your search.

For the unemployed job seeker:

Your new job is now to find a new job. I’m dead serious and you should be also.  A new job will not fall out of the sky or be handed to you on a silver platter.  You’re going to have to get out there and get it.

The first thing you should do is polish your resume.  This is your ‘introduction’ to any potential employer and should be well-written, up to date and printed on high-quality paper. If it’s not you need to get it ready first.

Once your resume is finished it’s time to hit the streets (or the internet) and start actively looking every single day. Your goal should be to find at least 3 possible jobs every day and give or send them your newly polished resume. 

While doing this you also need to follow up on the jobs that already have your resume.  The best thing to do is structure your day so that part of it is spent searching and part of it is spent following up.

For the employed job seeker:

Welcome to your new part time job!  If you thought finding a new job while you were still employed was going to be easy think again! In some ways it’s even harder because of the extra stress and challenges of interviews and searches as you try to handle the requirements of your current job.

Your day needs to be much more structured now because, unless you want to be forced to leave your old job ahead of schedule (if you catch my drift) you’re going to need to keep you current boss happy.

Like the unemployed job seeker you should be actively looking every day (during the morning, lunch time, evening and weekends) and following up too. It’s also a challenge to keep the fact that you want a new job a secret, and it should be.  Try not to let too many people in on your plans unless you want to find yourself being asked to do the most unpleasant assignments.

Whether employed or unemployed you have your work cut out for you (pun intended) if you’re looking for new work.  Treat your job search seriously and keep at it tenaciously and you’ll soon find yourself in a new position at a job that you (hopefully) deserve.  Good luck in your search and keep at it!

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