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5 Signs of a Great Employee

People who want to find work will equate to millions, but people who know how to value their jobs are much rarer. If you want to reduce your turnover rates, giving the best job incentives is just half the trick. The other half is finding people who deserve to receive the incentives your company is offering. When hiring employees, it would do you well to look for the five essential signs of great employees listed below.


Don’t just consider the quantifiable aspect of employee productivity. You should also do what you can to find out how employees are making use of the occasional periods of downtime that will take place at work. Do they use it as an excuse to rest or do they at least make an effort to find far more effective uses for the hours they are receiving compensation for.


The best employees don’t idly wait for orders. They can work with or without supervision because they know when to step up their game, put on the mantle of leadership, and take initiative when others are unwilling to do so.

Perhaps the simplest way to define initiative in employees is when they volunteer to take on tasks that they may not actually directly receive compensation or benefit for. They do so because they care about their work, and they equate the company’s success with their personal success as well.

Positive Attitude

No matter how cramped, dreary, or tedious a workplace is, it always becomes marginally more bearable when the people around you have a positive outlook on life. Optimism or a half-glass-full look at life is something you should also seriously look for in a prospective employee. Better things tend to happen when this type of person is around simply because they always believe things will get better. More importantly, they are willing to do their best to make things better as well.

Honesty and Integrity

The second most important quality to look for in a prospective employee is honesty or – more specifically – integrity. It is not just a matter of always telling the truth. Sometimes, people can be too blunt for their good. Other times, people can easily end up lying without even saying anything – such as when you lie by omission for instance.

Most types of problems that frequently erupt in the workplace are rooted in deception. A small, simple, white lie can easily balloon into an insurmountable challenge for the entire company. It’s important to look for honest employees with integrity because any kind of deception put up by your employees would eventually become a barrier to your company’s success.


You need to look for dependable employees or those who are able and committed to maintaining a professional attitude when it comes to their work. More often than not, dependability can be seen in the small but important things that employers take for granted from their employees such as:

* Being always courteous and reasonable to deal with
* Arriving punctually at work and all work-related events
* Submitting work well ahead of deadlines

Lastly – showing a willingness to learn new things when a situation presents itself is extremely valuable and should never be taken for granted.

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