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Book Review: What Does Somebody Have to Do to Get a Job Around Here

With so many job hunting advice books on the market today, it’s extremely difficult for an author in this field to provide tips that hadn’t been given before. Most of the time, when you see “secrets” included in the title, they usually end up the kind that only those living under a rock still wouldn’t be aware of. However, What Does Somebody Have to Do to Get a Job Around Here is that rare gem you would feel absolutely blessed to stumble on.

This book by Cynthia Shapiro delivers exactly what it promises – secrets as well as tips which can truly and immediately boost your chances of getting the perfect job. Granted, not all of the 44 secrets promised may be earth-shattering revelations to you, but rest assured that the oh-so-elusive advice you have always been searching for but was never able to grasp is finally within your reach. It’s within the pages of this book, and it’s just waiting to turn your career around – for good.

Objective to a fault?

Some readers may complain about the somewhat cynical tone that Shapiro employs in this book. While they do have a point, these readers should also take into consideration how cynicism is often rooted in truth while polite niceties are not. Glossing over the reality of today’s employment arena will not help anyone get the job that they want.

As one reader has pointed out, the objective point of view that the author has adapted throughout the book helped her appreciate the truth about all the rejections she had to take when applying for a job. This book will make you realize that when you’re turned down for a job, it truly does not mean you are an idiot or you are more stupid than 99% of the human population. It’s just that certain circumstances continuously force HR managers and supervisors to look for a specific type of employee – which does not happen to be you at the moment.

This book also forces job seekers to stop playing the victim as well as cease pointing fingers every time they get turned down. The secrets they have always wanted to enjoy unqualified success in job hunting are finally theirs to use. But that can only happen if they are willing to take complete control of their careers and do what they must instead of just doing what they think they can.

Beautifully practical!

Perhaps one of the best things about this book is its wondrously pragmatic approach to job hunting. It does not mince words, and it certainly stays far away from terms that would have you hunting for a dictionary. Rather, Shapiro is content to call a spade a spade because she has more important things to talk about than waste her time impressing readers with her vocabulary – or even her work experience, which is admittedly impressive.

The most cited tips found in this book include extremely helpful tips about improving your resume and knowing how to handle yourself in job interviews. The teaser for the book also shows tips that have to do with the importance of negotiation, the pointlessness of using professional references, and how computers are often used to decide on who gets the job – and who doesn’t.

Again – the secrets have been revealed by Cynthia Shapiro in this fantastic book. Now, the ball’s in your court. Do you continue ignoring the secrets to job hunting success or would you finally take action?

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