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How Women Should Dress For an Interview

How you dress for an interview is surprisingly one of the most important aspects of the job interview itself. The reality is that first impressions mean a lot in the employment industry and an interviewer will gain a first impression about you instantly. Namely, the way a woman dresses for an interview is of optimum importance. The reason for this is because in the workplace, truth told, women have to struggle for respect and validation as much and usually more than men do. This is why the way a woman dresses for a job interview is very important.

The way a woman dresses for an interview sets the stage for the entire interview process and puts a certain mindset into the head of an interviewer. For instance, if a woman dresses too casual for an interview, the interviewer might view this woman as sloppy and/or less able to take responsibility for the job that is to undertake. But, most commonly, the problem is when women dress too sexy or not appropriate for the interview. Since first impressions are made instantly, a woman should never dress sexy or provocative at a job interview. This gives off the impression that the woman is not serious, or worse yet, uses manipulation to try and gain recognition. All in all, a sexy or provocative look makes a woman appear weak with little to no respect for herself, which are detrimental to a job interview.

The best way a woman can dress for a job interview is professional, conservative and feminine. There is no reason for a woman to dress like a man for a job interview, but there needs to be sophistication to her dress. She can wear a skirt that hits at the knee or below, a nice blouse and tidy low-heeled pumps. Open-toed shoes are always a no-no for interviews, as is too much jewelry or low-cut blouses. There is no need to wear black; navy and beige are perfectly fine colors for women to wear at interviews. All in all, women should dress to impress, while keeping covered and always looking professional.

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