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5 Lessons I Learned From My Job Search

I wanted to share with you 5 things that I learned from my recent job search.

1. Set a goal.
I was determined to land on my feet again as soon as possible, but I was realistic as well. I wrote down the job that I wanted and set a conservative deadline on how to achieve it. My goal was to get a senior software engineer job in Los Angeles or San Francisco before Memorial Day. I was clear about what I wanted to do and the steps that I must take to get there. Once I set my goal, I created a plan of action and implemented it step- by- step.
2. Do something every day to move forward.
I had daily and weekly goals I made for myself in addition to my ultimate goal of getting a job. Each day I was committed to moving one step closer to achieving my goal. I had a bunch of activities I did every day. I made looking for a job my full-time job. This was my focus, and I was relentless in not straying away from doing the things I needed to do everyday. I searched the different job boards, I spoke to recruiters, I followed up on potential job opportunities, I sent out my resumes, and I tapped into my network. When I was done with my job searching activities for the day, I would spend a few hours brushing up on my technical skills and preparing for interviews. I was creating an unstoppable momentum to achieving my goal.
3. Belief is the key.
I refused to engage in negative thinking or behavior. I knew I could get a job because I had done it this countless times before. I was confident in my skills and abilities to convince a future employer to hire me. Most importantly, I believed in myself. I told myself that getting a job was easy and the perfect job was just out there waiting for me. All I had to do was to reach out with my hands and grab it.
I was not willing to let rejections get me down. I saw each person that said no to me was a step closer into reaching my goal.
4. Do a weekly review.
It is important to do a weekly review to make sure you are still on track to achieve your goal. That means you need to be very organized about your job search. I kept a spreadsheet to manage my contacts and all the jobs that I was pursuing. I was able to step back each weekend to assess my situation. I also went over the activities that I accomplished in the previous week, what I did right and what I needed to improve. I had a game plan I had prepared for the following week. I used the weekly review to go over my job search strategy and to set new weekly goals. I used this time to reflect and see how I could do better next week.
5. Never give up.
I know how it feels like like to look for a job in a bad economy. I know how it feels like to getting get rejected. I know how it feels like to beat yourself up because you have not landed a job. No matter how bad things get, you must not give up. It is so easy to throw in the towel and feel like a victim. It is also easy to blame others, the economy, your previous employer, etc. for your current situation. But, when you blame others, you give them power over you. This is the victim mentality. See yourself as a winner. See yourself as you want to be.

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