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6 Tips to Keep Your Job

Now that you have gone through the entire process of creating an ideal resume, finding job openings, getting that first call, interviewing, and nailing the job, now comes the time to discover how to keep that ideal job from falling in the hands of someone else. You see, although there is a great celebration in finding your dream job, now that you’ve been selected, the real work begins. And we’re not talking about the work of the job itself, we’re talking about the things you’ll need to do on a consistent basis to help you leverage your position.

One of the most important things to remember is that business will always change. As an employee, you will need to change with that business in order to help it grow. In order to do this, there are certain items that will need to be considered on a consistent basis. In order to be successful in your current position or to leverage yourself in a way to move to a different position, you will definitely need to keep your eye on the ball. Below we’ve gathered some important tips that will help you with this process.

1. Pay Close Attention at All Times

One of the biggest mistakes a person will make once they’ve landed the ideal job is to not pay attention. Quite frankly, you’ll want to do everything within your power to avoid making mistakes. Of course, some mistakes are unavoidable, but it’s the little mistakes that are avoidable which will make long lasting impressions. Always keep an eye out for body language and verbal overtones as you are presenting information. Look to see if people are responsive, if they’re smiling, or if they simply feel confuse. By staying aware at all times, you will always be able to keep your eye on the ball.

2. Avoid Being Complacent

Another issue will be to get too comfortable once you’ve landed your position. Doing just enough to keep your job and not get fired will not work anymore. You will need to do what others won’t. Sometimes this will entail taking risks, and sometimes this will entail improving on processes that simply do not work. Take the initiative and avoid complacency. It’s always better to over deliver, and this is especially true for companies that want things done cheaper and faster.

3. Request Performance Reviews

One item that many aren’t aware of will be performance reviews. Some companies perform these reviews on a consistent basis. However, many companies don’t. If you work for a company that performs these reviews but they don’t do it on a consistent basis, it’s important for you to request a performance review. Reason being, how do you know how to fix something when you aren’t aware it’s broken?

4. Get In the Habit of Documenting Your Performance

Documenting your performance on a consistent basis will also be very important. This is especially true if the company you work for doesn’t provide performance reviews on a consistent basis. The other thing is – you may feel that you are doing an exceptional job, but unless this is in writing, it really doesn’t mean much. Regardless of the department you work in, document your performance on a weekly and monthly basis. Set your goals consistently, and try to beat them each and every month.

5. Always Be Aware Of Your Status and Image

Being aware of your status and image is also another important factor. Walking around feeling like you’re loved by everyone can turn out to be a damaging assumption. Are you aware of what people think about you? Do you have any allies in your department? Are others in your department getting work that you are extremely capable of completing? These are all questions that you need to ask yourself which will help you keep your eye on the ball.

6. Always Grow and Learn

Growing and learning is an important part of keeping your dream job. By keeping your eye on the ball, you will always want to improve yourself in every aspect. If you make errors, own them. Once you own them, make the recoveries quick. Learn new skills on a consistent basis. If need be, find influences outside of your current company to use as mentors. This will help you to consistently grow and learn while being an ideal employee.

Lastly, you’ll want to stay involved with your network. The problem here is, it’s very easy to get extremely comfortable with the basic routine. Once you do, you will feel that this is the ideal job and you will be there for a lifetime. Don’t let this feeling fool you. As the economy changes, your job will too. There is no security in a job. By staying involved in your network, you will always be on top of the happenings whether new things come along, some things could get outdated, and other areas open themselves up. It’s important to remember to keep your bridges open just in case your ideal dream job is not so dreamy after all.

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