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4 Online Mistakes That Hurt Your Job Search

1.      Overlooking Social Media

Social media is one of the easiest and quickest ways to brand who you are and what your skills are with LinkedIn quickly leading the way. LinkedIn is one of the easiest ways that individuals can showcase their abilities as well as strengths through a simple web page that can be accessed by millions of employers. It is a known fact that many employers look at LinkedIn first, before hiring many of them employees. This is why social media, namely LinkedIn is such a vital aspect to getting a job.

2.      Using Old Information

Not updating your information can be detrimental to your job search. The main reason is that countless employers are looking up your information daily and if you have old, useless information posted, how will they be able to contact you. It is not only important to update your contact information on a regular basis, but to always keep your resume updated at all times. You never want an employer to have outdated information about your job history.

3.      Not Being Formal Enough

Even within the online realm, it is very important to keep a certain formality with all prospective employers and/or co-workers. Even though communication is different online, the rules and manners of how to speak to an employer or interviewer is not changed. This refers to informal language used and short wording that you might otherwise get into the habit of using online. Always use formal wording when speaking to an employer online and always remember to speak as similar as you would if you were meeting and talking face-to-face.

4.      Lack of Discretion

It is important that even though you are not able to see who is viewing your LinkedIn page or other information about you on the internet, you must always have discretion in everything that you do post on the internet. The internet is an open forum and the reality is that you do not want to put yourself in a negative place just because of something you might have said online or a photo you might have posted that showcases you in a bad light. You reputation is very important to a job search, and in order to keep a good reputation to all prospective employers, always remember to practice discretion online in all that you post.

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