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How to Get Promoted

There are very few people that accept an entry-level position without any desire to move up the organization. The whole point of starting at the bottom is to gain the experience that will one day take you all the way to the top. The premise sounds simple, yet many people become mired in the lower levels, only to find themselves passed by others on the way up. If you are tired of being passed over or have just taken that first step, then here are some things you can do to make promotion much more likely in your future.

It all starts with you making sure that you are following the very basic demands of the job. By that, we don’t just mean following the job description to the letter, but also showing up on time every day, adhering to deadlines, and displaying a positive attitude at all times. These are things that get noticed more than you might think and they will definitely help your promotion chances.

While it’s smart to have a basic understanding of what your job requirements are, it really helps to dig a little deeper for some finer points that will help your performance. This can include having a clear understanding of exactly what your boss expects from each of her employees. Her focus may be on one or two things in particular which, if you can take the time to excel at, will make you look very good in her eyes. In short, know exactly what is expected of you and then do all that you can to over deliver on those expectations.

For many, the next step in their career evolution is often a management position. Employers are always on the lookout for employees who display natural leadership qualities, as they are usually chosen for that next step. You have to be able to adopt those leadership roles, but in such a way that you don’t just come across as being bossy and headstrong. Volunteer for the role of team leader when you are asked, always keeping in mind that it’s a great way to get noticed and perhaps even gain the respect of your co-workers. You will be required to do more than the rest of the group in these situations, but doing a good job in that role will truly get you noticed by the people upstairs.

We spoke earlier about displaying a positive attitude at work. The reason that you want to do so is because it will often show a level of maturity that far exceeds your years. You have probably already worked with people who are constantly negative or who display a level of childishness and petulance that is very unbecoming. Think about how many of those people you have seen move up the ranks and I guarantee you will be unable to think of even one. Getting the nod for promotion is as much to do with the way you carry yourself on the job as it does your level of competence.

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