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5 Tips to be a Superstar at Work

It used to be there were so many jobs available that being above-average wasn’t necessary and many people floated along on a sea of mediocrity, doing just what they needed to get by (and keep their job) but not much else. Being average, for all intents and purposes, used to be OK.

Today that’s no longer the case and, frankly, anyone who does an average job in today’s market will probably soon find themselves out of said job and back on the street. The fact is, there are a lot fewer job opportunities today than there were only 5 years ago and the people that are getting, and keeping, those jobs are the people who do an above-average job. With than hard fact lodged firmly in your brain let’s take a look at a number of ways that you can improve your game from ‘average Joe’ to ‘superstar Sam’ and make you an indispensable part of your company, no matter what it is.

 1. Being Dependable is one of the best means of tossing average to the curb. If you’re the guy or gal who’s always on time, prepared and ready to go you’ll do a lot for your status at any job.  Being dependable means you don’t call out sick unless you’re at death’s door, always have whatever tools you need to accomplish the job and never have an ‘excuse’ because you just don’t need one.

2. The way you represent your company is vitally important, especially if you deal with the public either in person or on the phone. This means always smiling and using a friendly voice and never, ever being rude no matter how badly you might have been treated.

3. If you want to make sure average isn’t part of your world you need to follow through with any tasks that you are assigned, no matter what they happen to be.  If it’s part of your job description just do it, and do it with a smile.

4. Flexibility is essential in gymnastics and on the job, although on the job doesn’t require nearly as much effort (or dieting).  No, flexibility or adaptability on the job means that, if things come up that you’re not ready for or that are new, you can easily adapt to them and not get flustered.  Employers look for this quality sometimes above all others, so be ready to roll with the punches if they get thrown your way.

5. Finally, by having an owner mentality you will create an affinity for yourself with your employer because they will see that you have the company’s best interests in mind in everything you do. Constantly thinking ‘how would the boss do this’ will help you to someday be the boss.

So if you’re looking to go beyond average and excel you’d best take these tips to heart and use them every day.  Then you can tell ‘average’ to go take a hike because, truthfully, you’re above it.

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