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Why You Need to Work With Recruiters

Landing a great new job has never been easy, but it is even more challenging in today’s sluggish economy and ultra-competitive job market. The average job search is one that involves the daily grind of checking job websites for new openings, chasing down answers from companies that you have applied to, and tweaking your resume in hopes that the next batch will be the one that gets your foot in the door. As important as it is to have the tools and knowledge available to conduct a job search properly, it also helps if you are good at building relationships.

It’s usually no accident when candidates land the job position that they are after and it’s very seldom just the credentials on their resume either. The people that land those jobs are usually very adept at cultivating relationships, and not just with the people inside the company they are applying to. They will also take the time to build relationships with recruiters at staffing agencies that are often referred to by the rather more intimidating name of headhunters.

Recruiters spend a large chunk of their time dealing with companies of all sizes, building a high level of trust with the people that do the hiring. If you are able to develop a strong relationship with recruiters at one of those staffing agencies, they may very well be willing to give your name to a company where they believe you will be a perfect fit. If that’s not reason enough to seek out the help of a recruiter, then here are a few more that should make the decision easier.

The reality is that the people that hire for companies are often tied up with a bunch of other duties, meaning they need a little outside help if they want to land the right employee. This is especially true in this day and age when literally hundreds of resume may land on their desk, all in search of a single position. Wading through that pile is something that could potentially takes months. Hiring managers know that recruiters at staffing agencies have a list of good people who would fit right into the available position. If the recruiter doesn’t know anything about you, the hiring manager never will either.

Think of your relationship with a recruiter as something of a prescreening process. They will quickly learn what skills you bring to the table, which in turn will make your name pop to the top of the list when a position arises for which you are perfect. It may come as something of a surprise to learn that recruiters are often privy to job openings that won’t be posted anywhere else. Hiring managers will often contact a trusted recruiter directly to see if there is someone that they can recommend for a position. If you want to have some real success in the job market, you have to do whatever it takes to give yourself the best chance of being hired. In today’s market, or any market for that matter, that means building a solid relationship with a recruiter.

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