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6 Ways to Be Happy at Work

Studies have shown that when you are happy at work, you are more productive and get along better with other people. Since most of us spend at least 40 hours of our waking hours at work, it is important to find out how the workplace can add to our happiness instead of taking away from it.

1. Kill Them with Kindness

The easiest way to be happy at work is to simply spread happiness. Say hello to your fellow colleagues and your boss and make sure to smile as much as possible. As you think and act happy, others will follow and a happy environment will be created instantaneously. Happiness is a choice that you can make everyday. It is also contagious.

2. List Why You Are Grateful

It is simple to list why you are grateful at work and by doing this, you will become happier at work. List what makes you feel grateful about your job and make sure to include everything that puts a smile on your face. Focus on what is positive about your working environment; even if you have to start small, at least put something down on paper.

3. Start Your Work Day with Your Most Difficult Task

Employees report that difficult tasks make their work day less than desirable, so in order to become happier at work, do your most difficult task first thing in the morning. If you get past your most difficult task, you will have the day free for easier, more manageable tasks, which will make you a happier employee overall.

4. Decorate Your Work Space

Making your work space more attractive can do wonders for your happiness level at work. Decorate the space around you with photos, quotes, or anything that brings a smile to your face for that matter. Add in a splash of color around you and you will find yourself feeling happier instantly, and make sure to get rid of the clutter and tidy up whenever possible to create a better environment.

5. Put Attention on Helping Your Clients

When you put attention on helping your clients, you will quickly forget about any dissatisfaction you feel at work, because helping people puts a smile on most anyone’s face. Think of bettering the life of your clients and satisfying them and you will find yourself happier and in a better mood overall whenever you are at work. We are usually happy when we are doing something for other people.

6. Take an Outside Breather Whenever Possible

The easiest way to be happier at work is to simply walk outside. The fresh air will feel exhilarating if you are cooped up in an office for most of the day. So, during your lunch break or anytime you can manage to get away, talk a short walk outside and you will find yourself feeling happier and overall less stressed.

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