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4 Things You Can Do Now

I would like to tell you 4 things that I do every time I look for a job. These are proven techniques that will work under all circumstances and for all people. If you implement these 4 things, you will see a positive outcome in your job search.

1. Do something everyday

You should do something everyday to move your job search forward. Momentum is the key. It could be as simple as sending your resume to a new job requirement, following up with a recruiter that submitted your resume to their client or making a new connection on LinkedIn. The key is to make sure that your activities are paying off. Don’t just do something to keep busy. There are only a limited amount of time that you can devote to your job search everyday. You need to think through the top five critical success factors that will make a big difference in your job search. Once you have narrow down the top 5 activities you need to do everyday, just do it!

2. Change your attitude

Almost no one likes to look for a job. I think some of the reasons why we don’t like to look for a job is because we are not good at it, we hate change and uncertainty, and we don’t like rejections. If this is attitude, then it will be more difficult to land a job quickly. I recommend you turn your job search into a game and have some fun with it. Turn a negative life event into something positive. You will be amazed with the results that you can achieve.

3. Stay positive

It is very important to remain positive during your job search. The longer you have been out of work, the harder it will be to stay positive. But having a positive attitude is a choice that you can make everyday. It is easy to be depressed and discouraged when you just lost your job and looking for a new one. But don’t succumb to negativity. There is no shame in being unemployed. Most hiring managers know how tough it is out there. You can read more about tips to stay positive here.

4. Take charge

Most of us secretly wish someone will just give us a job. The reality is that most jobs will not be offer to you on a silver platter. Getting a job requires some effort on your part. Do not sit around hoping and praying for a job. Hope is not a strategy. You need to put a sense of urgency in your job search. You need to not act like a victim. You need to take charge of your job search. A job is out there waiting for you. But you need to go out and get it.

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