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Stay Organized During Your Job Search

When it comes to finding a job it can be a stressful experience. Experts say it may take 10 months to find a decent job, and it can be a frustrating process. Those who need to pay bills and support a family do not have 10 months of little to no income and it can provide plenty of hardship. Hard as it may be, it is necessary to stay positive. Having a negative attitude will affect overall mood which many people can see through a person’s attitude, especially employers. It is important to remain positive and hope that with each resume submitted an employer may call back.

It also takes being vigilant and not giving up. Finding a job takes focus. They say that searching for a job is a full time job within itself so it is important to get away from distractions. This can be in the form of an office space or going to a coffee shop to devote time to send resumes and making calls.

Focusing 100% on job applications and submitting resumes will provide more focus. Dropping resumes day after day will get a lead sooner rather than later. It is not just important to submit a resume, but do so multiple times throughout the day. Set a weekly goal and submit as many resumes to jobs that sound like something you can do. Write down a number and try to reach and exceed that goal weekly. It is a great way to help those who are looking for a job faster. Applying to job after job will generate more leads. The more applications that one applies to, the better chances they will get in finding work.

It is also important to expand your horizon and apply to jobs that are not as familiar. Being flexible will open doors and could lead to an entirely new career path. There is nothing to lose when applying for jobs so apply to any position that may hold your interest. Do away with negative thoughts and try applying a job that holds the most interest. Beef up resumes to make a more stellar impression. In fact, create several different resumes to highlight more skills than the other. If a position requires high tech experience than place as much technical skill and background on that resume. If another position requires extensive retail and customer service experience, think back to any job that required customer service skills and highlight those skill the most. Applying to positions with targeted resume will stand out more to employers and may generate new leads.

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