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Top Six Essential Skills for Job Seekers

As a job seeker you need six essential skills in your job search efforts. These skills will help you with your job searching and more importantly, help you land that job that you have been seeking for so long.


You need to be able to market yourself to land a job. Maybe you could have a blog about that demonstrates your expertise in your industry or a particular skill. Have a LinkedIn profile and make sure you’re on Twitter as well. The more you are out there the easier it’s going to be for potential employers to find out more about you. This is thinking outside the box and what you have to do in today’s current job market. This is important especially if you apply for jobs through online job sites.


When you’re out looking for a job you are essentially selling yourself to the company. You need to have something special that the company needs. You need to rehearse what you’re going to say at an interview and then sell those essential skills to your potential new employer. This could be previous work experience or some skill you have that the employer could benefit from.  Sell yourself as a commodity that will benefit the company. Show them you have what other job seekers don’t have.


With persuasion you don’t want to be pushy but you must let the employer know why they should hire you in the first place. Use the main points that you have about yourself and use these to show the employer why you should be hired. Work experience, your work ethic, and skills all come into play here. It’s more than selling yourself it’s a valid reason why your skills would work for the company. Talk about the total package you offer.


You need to know how to ‘read’ your potential employer. Try to pick up on the messages and signals he or she is sending out. If you can figure out the hiring manager during the interview, this will go a long way towards having a successful interview. If it doesn’t seem like a right fit for you at the interview then there’s a good chance that this employer isn’t right for you.

Body Language

Don’t send out negative body language signals during your interview. This can include playing with your hair, slouching, or making other awkward movements. This shows your potential employer that you lack confidence and they will question whether or not they want to hire you. If your interviewer shows similar signals then you need to pull out the stops and get their attention again.


You need some personality and charm during your interview. Good looks won’t get you very far when it comes to getting a job. Work on your charisma at home in the mirror and show some confidence when you go for the big interview. The more you do this the better your chances of getting the job. Your personality can matter just as much as your skills or talents. It’s all about how you present yourself.

Use These Techniques to Get That Job

These six techniques will help you land that next job. Just remember that you need to put your very best out there for each interview and grab the attention of the interviewer and keep the attention focused on you and what you have to offer the potential employer and company. Make note of each of these six skills and work on them to the best of your ability.

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