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6 Ways to Be Happy at Work

Studies have shown that when you are happy at work, you are more productive and get along better with other people. Since most of us spend at least 40 hours of our waking hours at work, it is important to find out how the workplace can add to our happiness instead of taking away from it.

1. Kill Them with Kindness

The easiest way to be happy at work is to simply spread happiness. Say hello to your fellow colleagues and your boss and make sure to smile as much as possible. As you think and act happy, others will follow and a happy environment will be created instantaneously. Happiness is a choice that you can make everyday. It is also contagious.

2. List Why You Are Grateful

It is simple to list why you are grateful at work and by doing this, you will become happier at work. List what makes you feel grateful about your job and make sure to include everything that puts a smile on your face. Focus on what is positive about your working environment; even if you have to start small, at least put something down on paper.

3. Start Your Work Day with Your Most Difficult Task

Employees report that difficult tasks make their work day less than desirable, so in order to become happier at work, do your most difficult task first thing in the morning. If you get past your most difficult task, you will have the day free for easier, more manageable tasks, which will make you a happier employee overall.

4. Decorate Your Work Space

Making your work space more attractive can do wonders for your happiness level at work. Decorate the space around you with photos, quotes, or anything that brings a smile to your face for that matter. Add in a splash of color around you and you will find yourself feeling happier instantly, and make sure to get rid of the clutter and tidy up whenever possible to create a better environment.

5. Put Attention on Helping Your Clients

When you put attention on helping your clients, you will quickly forget about any dissatisfaction you feel at work, because helping people puts a smile on most anyone’s face. Think of bettering the life of your clients and satisfying them and you will find yourself happier and in a better mood overall whenever you are at work. We are usually happy when we are doing something for other people.

6. Take an Outside Breather Whenever Possible

The easiest way to be happier at work is to simply walk outside. The fresh air will feel exhilarating if you are cooped up in an office for most of the day. So, during your lunch break or anytime you can manage to get away, talk a short walk outside and you will find yourself feeling happier and overall less stressed.

Why You Need to Work With Recruiters

Landing a great new job has never been easy, but it is even more challenging in today’s sluggish economy and ultra-competitive job market. The average job search is one that involves the daily grind of checking job websites for new openings, chasing down answers from companies that you have applied to, and tweaking your resume in hopes that the next batch will be the one that gets your foot in the door. As important as it is to have the tools and knowledge available to conduct a job search properly, it also helps if you are good at building relationships.

It’s usually no accident when candidates land the job position that they are after and it’s very seldom just the credentials on their resume either. The people that land those jobs are usually very adept at cultivating relationships, and not just with the people inside the company they are applying to. They will also take the time to build relationships with recruiters at staffing agencies that are often referred to by the rather more intimidating name of headhunters.

Recruiters spend a large chunk of their time dealing with companies of all sizes, building a high level of trust with the people that do the hiring. If you are able to develop a strong relationship with recruiters at one of those staffing agencies, they may very well be willing to give your name to a company where they believe you will be a perfect fit. If that’s not reason enough to seek out the help of a recruiter, then here are a few more that should make the decision easier.

The reality is that the people that hire for companies are often tied up with a bunch of other duties, meaning they need a little outside help if they want to land the right employee. This is especially true in this day and age when literally hundreds of resume may land on their desk, all in search of a single position. Wading through that pile is something that could potentially takes months. Hiring managers know that recruiters at staffing agencies have a list of good people who would fit right into the available position. If the recruiter doesn’t know anything about you, the hiring manager never will either.

Think of your relationship with a recruiter as something of a prescreening process. They will quickly learn what skills you bring to the table, which in turn will make your name pop to the top of the list when a position arises for which you are perfect. It may come as something of a surprise to learn that recruiters are often privy to job openings that won’t be posted anywhere else. Hiring managers will often contact a trusted recruiter directly to see if there is someone that they can recommend for a position. If you want to have some real success in the job market, you have to do whatever it takes to give yourself the best chance of being hired. In today’s market, or any market for that matter, that means building a solid relationship with a recruiter.

5 Tips to be a Superstar at Work

It used to be there were so many jobs available that being above-average wasn’t necessary and many people floated along on a sea of mediocrity, doing just what they needed to get by (and keep their job) but not much else. Being average, for all intents and purposes, used to be OK.

Today that’s no longer the case and, frankly, anyone who does an average job in today’s market will probably soon find themselves out of said job and back on the street. The fact is, there are a lot fewer job opportunities today than there were only 5 years ago and the people that are getting, and keeping, those jobs are the people who do an above-average job. With than hard fact lodged firmly in your brain let’s take a look at a number of ways that you can improve your game from ‘average Joe’ to ‘superstar Sam’ and make you an indispensable part of your company, no matter what it is.

 1. Being Dependable is one of the best means of tossing average to the curb. If you’re the guy or gal who’s always on time, prepared and ready to go you’ll do a lot for your status at any job.  Being dependable means you don’t call out sick unless you’re at death’s door, always have whatever tools you need to accomplish the job and never have an ‘excuse’ because you just don’t need one.

2. The way you represent your company is vitally important, especially if you deal with the public either in person or on the phone. This means always smiling and using a friendly voice and never, ever being rude no matter how badly you might have been treated.

3. If you want to make sure average isn’t part of your world you need to follow through with any tasks that you are assigned, no matter what they happen to be.  If it’s part of your job description just do it, and do it with a smile.

4. Flexibility is essential in gymnastics and on the job, although on the job doesn’t require nearly as much effort (or dieting).  No, flexibility or adaptability on the job means that, if things come up that you’re not ready for or that are new, you can easily adapt to them and not get flustered.  Employers look for this quality sometimes above all others, so be ready to roll with the punches if they get thrown your way.

5. Finally, by having an owner mentality you will create an affinity for yourself with your employer because they will see that you have the company’s best interests in mind in everything you do. Constantly thinking ‘how would the boss do this’ will help you to someday be the boss.

So if you’re looking to go beyond average and excel you’d best take these tips to heart and use them every day.  Then you can tell ‘average’ to go take a hike because, truthfully, you’re above it.

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